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About Yongnian Taiji Center 永年太极拳中心

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USA Yongnian Taiji was established by Ted W. Kn
echt for the promotion of authentic Chinese Wushu (martial arts) and the Chinese culture. Ted has been a leader in the exchange of Chinese culture and martial arts in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1992. Below is a brief summary of activities conducted by the center:
  • Authored over 50 articles on Chinese culture and martial arts in magazines such as TAI CHI, Karate/Kungfu Illustrated, Qi Journal, Wushu/Kungfu, Han Wei Magazine, Han Wei Newsletter, Irish Fighter Magazine, Wulin, Chinese Taijiquan and others.

  • Competed in national and international tournaments such as US Wushu Union Nationals, A Taste of China, US Wushu/Kungfu Nationals, Great Lakes Tournament, and others.

  • Author of books and videos on Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong.
  • Translator for various visiting Chinese masters from China. Including Fu Zhongwen, Cai Hongxiang, Wu Chengde, Wang Jurong, and others.

  • Head Referee and Internal Martial Arts judge for regional and national tournaments.

  • Active demonstrator of Chinese Martial Arts throughout the USA.

  • Offers a variety of Taiji and Qigong workshops.

Ted Knecht, a sixth generation Yang style Taijiquan lineage holder, is a leading proponent in the advancement of Taijiquan and other forms of Chinese martial arts in the USA. Ted holds a Masters degree in Geology and is certified through the Ohio Board of Education in the field of Chinese language and Science. Ted is a professional Chinese language translator/interpreter with many years of experience. Ted has been studying Chinese martial arts, Chinese language, and its culture since 1981. Ted travels to China on a continued basis to advance his studies in Taijiquan, Qigong, Chinese culture and philosophy.

While living in China in 1992, Ted became an assistant Taijiquan and Qigong instructor and was certified in Taijiquan and Qigong by the Shenzhen Qigong Health Institute of mainland China. Ted is a member of the National Chinese Taiji/Wushu Association, Shenzhen, China and the US Wushu Union.
Ted was the USA All Around Internal Grand Champion in 2003 by winning seven gold medals in Taijiquan, Taiji Weapons, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang at the US National Chinese Martials Arts Championships. Ted had the highest overall average score for the entire tournament. Ted was also a gold medalist at the USA All-Taiji Championships (A Taste of China ) in Winchester, Virginia in 1993. Ted was also a gold medalist in Taijiquan at the USA National Chinese Martial Arts Competition held in Orlando, Florida which ranked him number one in the USA. Ted was also ranked in Baguazhang and Xingyiquan that same year.
Ted has studied with some of the most prominent world-class Taijiquan and Wushu instructors both from China and USA. Ted is one of Mei Ying Sheng's top disciples. The following is a list of teachers he has studied with:

Mei Ying Sheng (Yang Style Taiji)
Dr. Curtis Merida (Shaolin Wushu)
Nick Gracenin (Wudang & Shaolin)
An Tian Rong (Bagua/Bagua Straightsword, Xingyquan, and Taijiquan)
Fu Zhongwen (Yang Style Taiji)
Yu Wen Mei (Wu Style Taiji)
He Wei Qi (Sword)
Wang Jurong (Sun Style Taiji, Qing Lung Sword)

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